Monday, January 19, 2009


The above headband is 13 inches long. I want it to be 20 inches.
See the yarn? That's all I have in that color. Do I have enough?

Sounds like a contest to me!

In your comment, please:
Yes or No -- do I have enough?
If no, at what inch will I need to switch to another color?
(Yes, you can use tenths of inches.)

Winner will be randomly selected if two or more guess the correct answer.

And the prize?

Hmmmm. . . to be determined. But it'll be a skein of yarn that would make a nice headband--and there'll be enough of it!

A better photo of how much yarn is left:

I'm taking my sweet time knitting this, so contest will be closing on Thursday, January 22.


Anonymous said...

You don't have enough wool to knit the headband. I think that you are going to run out at 15.2 inches. Since it's a headband, you'll have enough to wear the blue or you can increase the color switch by crocheting a contrasting border.

stringplay said...

That remote is making my head hurt. LOL

As much as I want to cheer you and say yes you will have enough, I'm afraid it doesn't look that way. Beautiful color, though. I think I'll guess 16.4". Oh, and it looks very soft, too!

katerina said...

I'm going to agree - not enough yarn. So No, and I'm going to try and be optomistic and say you'll get close at 17.2"

cici said...

my guess is that you will run out at 17 and 1/2. Lovely color!!

sherriknits said...

I guess 16.89 but hope I'm wrong and that you finish.

Anonymous said...

I guess 16.7". Beautiful color!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think it will be cool with a decorative stripe that can either be shown or not, so No you won't have anough and I will have to guess 17"

Grace said...

I think 14.9 inches!!! Thanks Mary for the support Grace (needles54)