Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Been a Long, Long Time!

Last posting was January 31. Wherever has the time gone?

From time-to-time, my fingers felt itchy to blog. And I thought catch-up entries would be the way to go. But that thought was much too overwhelming. So, instead, I'm making another go at blogging and I'm plunging right into the now.

Fall is in the air this weekend in NYC. Hubster and I went to the greenmarket and the fall veggies are beginning to appear.

Since August, I've been knitting a shawl and plan to finish it within the next week or so. Just in time for  the chillier weather.

Next row, I'll need to switch to a longer cord and I'll take a better photo of it then. The pattern is Lunaris and the yarn is the Great White Bale, Lot #2. Wonderful stuff!

Lastly, I'm still taking photos of NYC and will share them as I continue to blog. But, for now, good night!