Wednesday, February 27, 2008

D is for. . . . .

decisions, decisions.

Will I have enough yarn? Should I knit the middle lacy panel? Maybe I'll just continue the way it's going?

What sort of heel? Should I knit a plain stockinette leg? Patterned leg?

What will the next project be? Which yummy yarn should I use?

Friday, February 22, 2008


It's not the blizzard I wanted, but we finally have some snow around here.

The snow shows off the black ironwork of many of the buildings

The Sheep Shop Maine Morning Mitts were put to use today.

By tomorrow, everything will be gray slush

But, for now, I'm enjoying how magical everything looks!

Even the garbage looks good!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nothing Much

I don't have much to show around here--

Since it's gonna be a while till I have a FO to show, you're just going to have to bear with the North Sea Shawl creeping along:

I really love the boring repetition of this pattern. Perfect for American Idol watching.

It's also going to be a while till I have some snow photos to show--maybe not until next year. This winter has been so dreary and snow-free. An upstate gal like me likes a blizzard or two. And this is about all the snow we've had in NYC this year so far:

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying all the blog recommendations from the blogiversary contest. Here's a few:

K.Anne recommended bubblesknits (Stop over and say "hi"-she's got a case of the winter blahs). And Bubbleknits recommended Cass.

All three blogs are terrific and have been added to my new love bloglines. How did I not know about this before?

Saturday, February 16, 2008


The winners for the 1st Blogiversary of Snit n'Knit contest have been chosen, notified and have responded. Congratulations!

Nancy of Days Gone By won the rosy red Cascade yarn with her recommendation of The Bag Lady and the Pro. Two sisters--Anne in Atlanta and Martina in Alaska write this entertaining blog. On Sundays, Anne does the work for us when she lists blogs that we might not know of, keeps us up-to-date with contests and also links to interesting patterns.

Speaking of contests, winner Nancy is running a contest in celebration of her 300th post! Hop on over there and leave a comment.

The Shi Bui yarn will be going to happy2knit for her recommemdation of Sknitty. "Flawless taste, great links and lovely pics" are the reasons why Kendyl wants us to read the blog.

And make sure to check out winner Kendyl's blog, too. I got a good laugh out of her "gorilla sweater" and held my breath while she solved the problem.

I hate using cliches, but gee. . . . all of you who commented and left a link to a blog are winners! I've so enjoyed reading all the new-to-me blogs, that hardly any knitting has happened around here all week.

With every future blog post, I'm going to list some of the recommended and posters' blogs.

Thank you all!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Looking for the Snit n' Knit Blogiversary Contest?

Looking for some V-Day sweetness?

Looking for the most bizarre knitting contest ever? I am so consumed by this contest. I can't sleep for thinking about it. Various clients have been culled and interviewed here at chez Snit n'Knit as to their needs and as to how much fabulousness they can stand.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

C is also for. . . .

CONTEST and COMMENTS in CELEBRATION of SnitnKnit's first blogiversary today!

Yeah, I know. . . not much snitting, knitting or blogging has been happening around here. But, this blogiversary has made me think about how much I really do love connecting with all of you. I've made a few cyber-friends, discovered some wonderful blogs and have been inspired by so many of you.

So, in the spirit of blogging and connecting -- here's the contest:

Please leave a comment (Yes, even you lurkers out there!) with a link to a knitting blog that you enjoy and may be overlooked. Add a line or two about why you like that blog. You can even submit yourself and leave your own blog as the link.


Since I'm going into the 2nd year of blogging, there will be prizes for two people. Leave a comment on this blog posting by noon (eastern time) Friday, February 15 and your name will be placed into a Go-Knit pouch for the random drawing. Make sure you have a way I can reach you (via email address, blog, Knitters Review name or Ravelry name.)

What about the prizes?

You keep asking about the prizes. . . alright already--

One prize will be yarn:

Cascade 220 in my favorite shade of rosy red. 440 yards--big enough for a medium sized scarf

and the other prize will be yarn also:

Shi Bui sock yarn in a gorgeous shade of blue. 382 yards.

Let the contest commence!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

C is for. . . .

CHANGING my mind.

I used to think that knitting lace had to fry my brain. Till I discovered the North Sea Shawl.

I've frogged the Honeybee Stole. Two sided lace of various stitch patterns requires quiet and solitude. And I've discovered that I like to knit while watching American Idol, talking with the hubster and reading blogs. Um. . . yeah, sometimes I do all at the same time.

The North Sea Shawl is a pretty lace pattern. A 12 row repeat. 4 rows are garter. 4 rows are the stitch pattern--it doesn't vary. 4 rows are purl back rows. I can get wired on chocolate and drink wine while knitting this. And the only thing fried are the sausage and onions I'm cooking for dinner.

Don't I get bored doing such a repetitive sitch?
Nope. Not me. Between my short attention span and lousy memory--it's all new and exciting to me.

Today, I even worked on it while in Starbucks. Behind me was kid and her tutor solving revolutions per minute in physics. By the window were two teens chatting, ". . . and then she goes. . . and so then he went. . . " Next to me was a guy on his cell reminding friends that he's going to be seen on Lipstick Jungle tonight.

I just kept knitting and eavesdropping. Didn't drop a stitch or forget a yo. And didn't fry any brains either.