Saturday, October 25, 2008

U is for

looking up at urban sights.

New York is a vertical city. Look up!

The spire is St. Patrick's Cathedral. See the new building going up? I love these contrasts!

This is the tram that goes up over the East River to Roosevelt Island from Manhattan.

A diamond in the sky!

Look up to see a sixty year old sign for a company still in business. Look higher and there's one of our 10,000 water towers.

Buildings come and go in Columbus Circle. This is the newest complex that reaches into and reflects the sky. (If you click the link, these buildings are on the left side of the 1907 photo.)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sights of Rhinebeck

Today at Rhinebeck I saw:




sweet faces,

and a sheep getting a haircut.

I even saw a man wearing a kilt.

And yarn? Did I see any yarn? Did I!!!!
Some of it even followed me home.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Last weekend, hubster and I went to a wedding in CT in this beautiful setting:

It wasn't quite peak season for the leaves, but we felt like leaf peepers anyway:

And since you're peeping at things, take a look at this:

Yes! Something new on the needles! It's the Revontuli Shawl. Yarn is Jojoland's Melody. The colors remind of this CT tobacco barn:

And tomorrow, I'll be peeping at yarn, llamas, yarn, sheepdogs, yarn, sheep, fried artichokes, yarn, alpacas, yarn, gorgeous knitted items being worn, yarn.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

T is for. . .

I'm an old fuddy-duddy, so something pretty special had to catch my eye in the window of Urban Outfitters in order for me to walk in there.

Loud, you-call-that-music? assaulted my ears as I entered the store. Didn't see what I was looking for. But, grabbed one of the teen salesclerks who told me, "They're um like over by the um you know sunglasses kind of under the stairs sort a kind of near the men's stuff."

Um. . . no, I don't know. But, she pointed me in the right direction and I found

Bags that are terrific knitting TOTES!

Aren't they great? They're made of a heavy tapestry. The one on the left has several pockets inside and out. Perfect for organizing the project, notions, pattern etc. And I swear my Mom used to carry a knitting tote that looked like the one on the right.

As I was paying for them, I put on my best old fuddy-duddy voice and remarked to the cashier (Not a teen--but still quite young) what great knitting totes the bags would be. Turns out she's also a knitter and had been meaning to buy herself a couple of them also.

Sadly, these bags aren't available on the Urban Outfitters website. So remember, they're um like over by the um you know sunglasses kind of under the stairs sort a kind of near the men's stuff.