Monday, December 9, 2013

Seen in NYC

I noticed this striking scarf as soon as the woman walked on the bus. You see that not-woven-in end? I just knew it had to be a handknit. I told the woman that I thought the scarf  was gorgeous and unusual and asked if she had she knit it. She answered that she didn't knit it--but her sister did. She then told me the scarf's story.

The scarf was once a sweater in her sister's boutique in Minnesota. It remained unbought in the store for  several seasons. Finally, her sister unraveled the sweater and knit two scarves from the yarn. One for herself and one for her sister.

This is one of the nicest looking scarves I've ever seen. The yarn had a little fluff to it. Maybe a wool and mohair? Knit in garter stitch on a smallish needle. The colors, though bright, blended together in a very eye-pleasing manner.