Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spit Happens

So I was happily knitting my multi-directional scarf, when---AAAAAARGH! Rogue plies escaping from the bulky yarn.
Not a disaster. It's just annoying. Easy to take care of using what knitters elegantly call the spit splice. First apply spit--or, in this case, 100% natural NYC tap water. Really--no spit will be seen on this blog.
Next, rub away. The friction and the heat will felt the pieces together.
VOILA! Donezo! I felted a couple of inches of the rogue strand with the yarn and cut off that fluffy bit.
That stain on the couch isn't a stain--it's just spit. . . uh, water.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seen in NYC

It's been freeeeezing in NYC. Lots of knitwear being worn that I've failed to photograph. But I did take one photo:
I saw this sweet dog on the street and stopped the owner and spoke with her. I asked if she had knit this sweet pink sweater for her sweet-faced dog and she had. The dog's name? Sweetie.