Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spit Happens

So I was happily knitting my multi-directional scarf, when---AAAAAARGH! Rogue plies escaping from the bulky yarn.
Not a disaster. It's just annoying. Easy to take care of using what knitters elegantly call the spit splice. First apply spit--or, in this case, 100% natural NYC tap water. Really--no spit will be seen on this blog.
Next, rub away. The friction and the heat will felt the pieces together.
VOILA! Donezo! I felted a couple of inches of the rogue strand with the yarn and cut off that fluffy bit.
That stain on the couch isn't a stain--it's just spit. . . uh, water.


Mimi said...

What? It will work without spit? Wish I had know that.

Love your new project.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors of the scarf. Great way to fix the yarn too.

stringplay said...

Great save. And the scarf is looking lovely and that pattern is just made for this yarn.