Monday, December 9, 2013

Seen in NYC

I noticed this striking scarf as soon as the woman walked on the bus. You see that not-woven-in end? I just knew it had to be a handknit. I told the woman that I thought the scarf  was gorgeous and unusual and asked if she had she knit it. She answered that she didn't knit it--but her sister did. She then told me the scarf's story.

The scarf was once a sweater in her sister's boutique in Minnesota. It remained unbought in the store for  several seasons. Finally, her sister unraveled the sweater and knit two scarves from the yarn. One for herself and one for her sister.

This is one of the nicest looking scarves I've ever seen. The yarn had a little fluff to it. Maybe a wool and mohair? Knit in garter stitch on a smallish needle. The colors, though bright, blended together in a very eye-pleasing manner.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Knitters Review Retreat 2013

My 7th Knitters Review Retreat! Back in Canandaigua for the third year.

Gorgeous place! It was a bit chilly, so nobody was sitting outside this year. But we did plenty of indoor sitting and knitting and we even had a glass of wine or three.

 A shot of the winder and swift in one of the few times it wasn't being used:

Plenty of photos were taken--some were even taking photos of people taking photos!

Clara rang the bell to get us all assembled for the group shot on a very chilly Saturday morning:

Yes, it was that shivering kind of chilly:

But we all smiled and said, "cashmere" for the camera:

Saturday evening, we had a fashion show of all the great things made from the Great White Bale:

Other items attendees were wearing and knitting:

Sunday morning, Queen Bee Clara sent us off into the world with our New Beginnings projects and to spread the good news that yarn brings.

And I came home with yarn, inspiration and very happy memories.  Hoping for more of the same next year!

Many thanks to Clara and everyone involved in making this magical event happen!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Been a Long, Long Time!

Last posting was January 31. Wherever has the time gone?

From time-to-time, my fingers felt itchy to blog. And I thought catch-up entries would be the way to go. But that thought was much too overwhelming. So, instead, I'm making another go at blogging and I'm plunging right into the now.

Fall is in the air this weekend in NYC. Hubster and I went to the greenmarket and the fall veggies are beginning to appear.

Since August, I've been knitting a shawl and plan to finish it within the next week or so. Just in time for  the chillier weather.

Next row, I'll need to switch to a longer cord and I'll take a better photo of it then. The pattern is Lunaris and the yarn is the Great White Bale, Lot #2. Wonderful stuff!

Lastly, I'm still taking photos of NYC and will share them as I continue to blog. But, for now, good night!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spit Happens

So I was happily knitting my multi-directional scarf, when---AAAAAARGH! Rogue plies escaping from the bulky yarn.
Not a disaster. It's just annoying. Easy to take care of using what knitters elegantly call the spit splice. First apply spit--or, in this case, 100% natural NYC tap water. Really--no spit will be seen on this blog.
Next, rub away. The friction and the heat will felt the pieces together.
VOILA! Donezo! I felted a couple of inches of the rogue strand with the yarn and cut off that fluffy bit.
That stain on the couch isn't a stain--it's just spit. . . uh, water.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seen in NYC

It's been freeeeezing in NYC. Lots of knitwear being worn that I've failed to photograph. But I did take one photo:
I saw this sweet dog on the street and stopped the owner and spoke with her. I asked if she had knit this sweet pink sweater for her sweet-faced dog and she had. The dog's name? Sweetie.