Monday, December 24, 2012

Small Sights

I don't need the big sights in this city to make my Christmas spirit soar.

What I see in my neighborhood is enough.

A wreath or


A bagel under an outdoor Christmas tree.

A lemon in a restaurant's wreath.

Some pretty red bows

and poinsettia plants under a scaffold at an outdoor cafe.

A second hand store's festive display

and chalky Christmas greetings outside the liquor store--

that's all I need!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Year, Another Tree

Last year, since our elevator was being repaired, we didn't have a Christmas tree. Instead we brought home a rosemary bush and called it our Christmas tree.

This year, though, hubster and I pulled out our red SUV (Sidewalk Utility Vehicle) and off to Zingone's we went for our tree.

Then walked home

and into the working elevator

and found a spot in this teeny-tiny cluttered apartment.

YAY! Lights and decorations tomorrow!