Thursday, December 31, 2009

Z is for

Zingone's--a greengrocer (and more) in my neighborhood.***

The photos tell the story--Fruits, veggies and groceries

since 1927.

An old-world grocery. It's the sort of store where people have accounts. And orders are called in and delivered. A small-scale, low-tech Fresh Direct.

But not really.

The second story in the Metropolitan Diary tells all you need to know about Zingone's. And this blogger says it better than me what Zingone's means to the neighborhood.

Nearly all of our Christmas trees have come from Zingone.

Thanks, Mr. Zingone!

***And that's it. My Ravelry ABCs are done!


stringplay said...

Way to go! You made it. I knew you would. Before I 'met' you, and especially before this ABC series, I knew nothing really about NY except what I might have learned from books or movies. Now it seems all so much more real to me. And with K, L, and now Z, I see why you love it so much. (especially L!)

Iron Needles said...

Kudos and applause! If I had cake, I would serve it on china!

minipurl said...

What a wonderful ending to your ABCs. How lucky you are to have Zingone's.

Susan said...

Yay! You did it! Great job, and I've loved seeing the city through your eyes. We won't talk about my alphabet.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting through the whole alphabet!! I wish we had a neighborhood market like that.