Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Near Miss

Yesterday, I wrote about a missed opportunity to take a photo of a nice-looking knitted scarf and I swore that wouldn't happen again.

The other day, I was rushing around town and noticed that, despite it being chilly, I didn't see any knitted hats or scarves. Ten seconds after I wished I would see something knitted--I spotted a knitter-in-the-wild. A knitter I know from the neighborhood.

I noticed she was wearing hand-knit socks and I thought I saw some knitting peeking out of her tote bag. But she was rushing, I was rushing--we quickly greeted each other and went our opposite ways.

I then stopped dead in my tracks. D'OH! Another missed opportunity! Surely I could have found five seconds to snap a shot? By then I was a half-block away and could see that my knitter friend was hailing a cab. I knew the photo would be fuzzy -- but I didn't care. This is a habit I must get into!

You really can't see this too well--but her socks are a heathery purple. Maybe self-striping? And doesn't that look like a red go-knit pouch in her tote?


stringplay said...

It's like having my very own roving reporter. Almost wool sock weather here. But today it's shorty cotton ones with my Christmas Chucks.

minipurl said...

It's definitely wool socks weather here today, I love your blurry picture. There's a real sense of progress in your blogs. Next time, I bet you'll have a posed shot. (Tell them you work for Vogue.)

Dorie said...

I love it- eyeknitness news!

Bubblesknits said...

Good for you! I always forget to whip out my camera.