Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Y is for. . .

Yiddish--the second language of NYC. ****

So many Yiddish words are in the mainstream--schelp, glitch, mish-mosh, klutz---

However, here in NYC, we bump our Yiddishisms up a notch.

Several years ago, a friend and I were walking along the street. We passed an acquaintance of ours who thought of herself as a fashion maven. But she was wearing a hideous outfit that combined stripes and a paisley print in a rainbow of colors. Our conversation, after the what-not-to-wear passed, went something like this:

Oy vey! What's that schamatta she was wearing?
I don't know. Those stripes and paisley were ungapatchka. Schlocky fabric, too.
It takes chutzpah to wear such drek.
She doesn't even have a bissel of good taste.

My friend and I then turned to each other and began to laugh. Here we were two Christian gals originally from the suburbs talking like we were raised on the Lower East Side.

For a few years I worked with a couple of people who taught me some of the finer points of Yiddish. I think this was their reference guide.

**** This ABC mishegas is almost over! I need to get Z is for. . . done by January 3rd. (MY 2009 ABCs focused on NYS/NYC stuff.)


Jane said...

You are too much! And I just knew you'd get your ABC's done -- Happy New Year!

stringplay said...

Oh, Mary. I laughed and laughed, especially when I got to the end.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey! This post gives me a craving for a bagel with a schmear.

EileenNY said...

Mary, I'm kvelling! Great blog!

Susan said...

Love it!

Iron Needles said...

Very good. Only one more and we'll be the only two celebrating a fait accompli! What do you think we should do to mark the occasion???

By the way, the scarf in the last post is gorgeous!

Devorah said...

This post was a mitzvah! ;-)