Saturday, December 19, 2009

T and U are for

The Albany Times Union—my hometown newspaper. ****

Back before there were 24-hour news channels and the Internet, the newspaper brought the world into our homes.

In Albany, NY the Times Union—the TU was our morning paper. It was the first newspaper I ever looked at—not read—looked at. I remember lying on the living room floor with the Sunday funny pages—the comics—spread around me. I couldn’t read yet—but I made up my own stories for the cartoons.

As I got older, I read the TU every day. National, local, sports, home, society, entertainment—I read all the sections. In the TU. I learned about politics—local and national. High school sports results; Hints from Heloise, stories about world events, local reporting on fires and car crashes were all part of the daily read.

That’s a photo of my Pop reading the TU. Note also the TU on the table folded to the racing charts from Saratoga.

The TU was also the newspaper where my hubster worked for 17 years. He started as a copy boy, became an award-winning reporter and ended up as city editor before he left the TU for another paper. I didn’t know him during his TU days, but I knew his byline.

These days, I read the TU online every couple of weeks for the local news, the obituaries. The online edition also has a Fiber Arts blog that’s frequently updated. It’s a great source of information about the Capital District yarn shops, fiber events and knitting meet-ups. But you don't to be from the area to enjoy the blog--the several people who contribute to it write about and share their fiberly adventures.

****Still trying to catch up. My ABCs for this year focus of NYC/NYS stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hometown papers are the best! I sometimes read mine online now too.

minipurl said...

What a cool website. Every city should have a Fiber Arts blog. Thanks for sharing :)

stringplay said...

Great picture of your Dad. You can tell he was enjoying his paper. I've bookmarked the Fiber blog.

DeuceMom said...

Thanks for sharing this! The Rochester Times Union is defunct. It's sad how times change...

knittingknirvana said...

Thanks for the linky love to the TU Fiber Arts Blog!! :) Suzanne