Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

I celebrated Boxing Day** today, not by giving the servants the day off and distributing to them their gifts (LOL!)

BUT by literally receiving a few boxes.

I had written about my Aunt Ellie a couple of times. I'm now sorry to report that she passed away during the fall. She was 97 years old and had lived a life full of grace, joy and love. Aunt Ellie was also a most remarkable and talented needlecrafter.

When her nephew was packing up her house, he asked if I wanted any of her knitting and crocheting things. I told him I'd love to have her patterns, books and needles. And that's what's in those three boxes. Patterns. Books. Needles. Three heavy boxes worth!

Let's take a peek in one of them.

I'm so honored to have these things. I plan to go through the boxes at my own pace. Slowly and with care. And stopping to have chats with Aunt Ellie along the way.

(**Since December 26 falls on a Saturday this year, in the British Commonwealth Boxing Day will actually be celebrated on the first weekday after Christmas--Monday. )


stringplay said...

A time capsule. There will no doubt be lots of memories in there.

Susan said...

That's such a precious memory to have. I'm sure she'll be happy her things are treasured.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of your dear aunt's passing. I am sure you will find many fun memories and things to make going though the boxes.

minipurl said...

So very special. Enjoy all the memories.

Iron Needles said...

Oh! I see Workbaskets in there! My mom and my aunt loved those mags. What a special treat to recieve.