Friday, June 27, 2008

Auntie at 96

Remember my Auntie from last year? 95 years old. Keeps busy with crocheting toys. Lives joyfully and is thankful for each new day.

She's now 96 and is looking forward to turning 97 in November.

Notice her sweater. She made it. And the lapghan. Yep, she made that too.

There was a book next to her on the couch: Afghans for All Seasons. I asked about it and Auntie said she's planning on making an afghan, but that she's having a hard time deciding which one. She told me that she'd choose a pattern and pull out the yarn. Then the next day, another afghan would catch her eye. Or she'd start thinking that she'd prefer to work with different colors and then that would lead to yet another pattern.

I was hoping that next-project-on-the-needles indecisiveness would be something I'd outgrow. But, I guess not!


sherriknits said...

Oh dear. I thought it would get better, too.
I do remember her, what an inspiration!

StringPlay said...

Perhaps no more decisive, but we can hope it will keep us mentally agile! Happy Birthday, Auntie.

Windyridge said...

You go Auntie!

Linda said...

Mary, Thanks so much for stopping by. I don't know what happened to your link, but somehow I lost it. I have bookmarked you again.

Guess I now know where you got your love for yarn. Happy Birthday to your Aunt.

Alison Boon said...

Way to go auntie. What a great advertisment for knitting keeping your mind and fingers nimble.

zippiknits said...

Your Aunt is so adorable. And she is so wise about keeping those fingers nimble. Give her an extra hug.