Sunday, June 15, 2008

Midwest Fantasy

Some say this is the Midwest Fantasy Show

but for 1000 or so knitters, this was the midwest fantasy:

For me, taking classes with Lucy Neatby, Melissa Leapman, Gwen Bortner and Sally Melville still seems like a dream. (In July, Sally will have a website:

But, look who all else was there giving classes and presentations:

Cat Bordhi and Queen Bee of Knitters Review Clara Parkes

The Ravelry "kids"

Casey--is he adorable or what?!

Jess and Mary Heather with Gwen Bortner and Sally Melville

Sally Melville meets her Topher's Pullover knit by Amy Detjen.

I wish I had gotten a better photo of Lucy Neatby!

The weather was hot, humid and stormy in Columbus. But, the chilly air-conditioning in the Convention Center made it possible for people to show-off their beautiful shawls:

Swag bag yarn was traded:

And there were chocolate fountains, too!

Best of all were all the wonderful people I met. Sandy, Rosie, Margaret, Sally, Bobbie, Dee, Honay and so many others. I hope to see you all next June in Columbus!


Windyridge said...

Sounds like blast and that chocolate fountain, oh boy!

TGL said...

Thanks for the slice-of-life! A star-studded affair, and it sounds like you had a great time. Plus chocolate fountains! I had heard they are the rage of the Midwest, guess it's true. Welcome back!


StringPlay said...

This looks like all the FUN I imagined it would be. Thanks for the peek inside.

Gwen said...

It really was fun, wasn't it?!? I mean it is supposed to be my "job", but sharing knitting with so many fun people, it just doesn't feel like a job!

And I had to laugh, I kept calling Jess, Casey and Mary Beth "the kids" too. So what does that say about me?!?! Glad you enjoyed class.


zippiknits said...

Welcome back! And, wow this is great. Chocolate fountains, and your photos and the story of your adventures at Knitter's Connection are terrific. Thank you so much for sharing them!

Ruby said...

Mary - Can't believe we were in the same class and didn't realize it (and yes, Lucy was terrific). I thought I might get to meet people from Ravelry and the blogosphere that I knew...but of course, I didn't take into account the fact that I only "know" people by their blog/Ravelry names.

It was great fun and I love your photos. I was so overwhelmed that I never even took my camera out of my bag!