Thursday, December 17, 2009

Scarf of Many Colors

I saw this scarf on a woman in Bed, Bath and Beyond. Just by looking at it, I knew it was non-wool and non-handknit--but there's something about it I liked.

It was bought at Loehmanns. However, I saw the same scarf in different colors today and that one was from Macy's.

The scarf-wearer is a knitter also and we talked about how to knit it. To me, it looked a lot like the Sarah Blanch Shawl (Ravelry link) from Folk Shawls. The stitch pattern is garter drop stitch.

Believe me, I have enough knitting on the needles right now! But maybe sometime in the future IF I need something easy-peasy and IF I have some oddball yarns around and IF I remember this post, this would make a good project.


stringplay said...

Remembering....the weakest link! Very colorful and also looks very soft. I'm enjoying the McCam.

rho said...

I was going to say it looked like that shawl too -- that is a nice pattern goes quickly - I did one and I think I have almost worn it to death ;)

Anonymous said...

Unusual and pretty use of color in that shawl. There are way too many wonderful project ideas and not enough time. This type of shawl is a lovely way to use up odd balls of yarn.