Tuesday, December 1, 2009

S is for

Street vendors. ****

Fake designer bags,

dirty water dogs,


and bling,

roasted nuts,

Middle Eastern chicken,


and tablecloths--

All for sale on our streets!

****I'm a bit behind with the ABCs--but I'm getting closer. My ABCs this year focus on NYS/NYC things.


minipurl said...

I love your pictures....all we need now is a smell-o-camera to capture the Christmas tree and roasting nuts aromas. Come to think if it, I'm glad I don't have a smell-o-camera here in Lancaster County.....way too many moo cows :)

stringplay said...

Great post again. I had NO idea you could buy PIES on the street. Who cares about bling; bring on the pies.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! NYC is so exiting!