Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Missed Opportunity

Since I'm a wimp, there's no photo of what I'm gonna be talking about.

As I was leaving the Pilates studio Monday, I noticed the next client's coat and scarf hanging on a peg. Scarf?! It was so nice-looking, I knew it had to be hand-knit. I fondled the scarf and asked the owner if she had made it. She didn't, but a friend had. I fondled it some more. Soft, soft, yellow fingering weight yarn. Stockinette done on large needles. Nice and squishy.

The scarf-owner told me she loves it because it's long enough to wrap around her neck several times. I continued to fondle the scarf. My Pilates teacher said, "Gee, you really seem like that scarf." The scarf-owner frowned and squinted.

Then I noticed the fringe. Personally, I don't like fringe at all. But this fringe was drop-dead gorgeous! I looked closer and saw that the knitter had used not only the scarf's yellow yarn, but she also used some gold metallic yarn. It was perfect! "Oh! Isn't this metallic yarn just wonderful?!" I yelled out. My Pilates teacher and the scarf-owner exchanged looks.

At that point, I thought about taking a photo. Then I remembered I was among non-knitters and the nervous looks I saw on their faces registered with me. I knew I was acting like a crazy knitting lady and that taking a picture of the scarf might just be crossing the line.

I dropped the scarf and left.

Now I could kick myself. With my first ooh and ahh and fondle of the scarf, I had already become the crazy knitting lady. Why did I worry about what they'd think of me? Why did I back down?

I'm looking forward to this Monday and I'm hoping that the scarf-wearer will have the appointment after me again. And I hope it'll be cold enough for her to be wearing that scarf. My camera is ready.


Iron Needles said...

Yep. You are that person! Funny how I forget, wrapped up in my own little knitterly world, that the rest of civilization isn't...well, you know..on Ravelry!

stringplay said...

Hope you get to see it again. I'm wanting to see a picture. Maybe you need a secret spy camera. : )

EileenNY said...

That is too funny, Mary. I can just picture it. You know, Hammacher Schlemmer has a video camera PEN - fits in a pocket. It even writes! :)

Bubblesknits said...

LOL I hope you get a picture of it. Maybe just explain to them that you knit?