Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shake Shack Scarf

Seen through the window of Shake Shack today:

Probably a machine knit--but I'm not sure. However it does look long and loopy and cozy to wear on this windy, chilly day. And since the high temperature tomorrow will be 27 degrees, I'm sure plenty of scarves and mittens will be making appearances all over the city this weekend.


Anonymous said...

That is a lovely cable knit. Cables are difficult on a machine, and labor in improvised countries is cheap, so it may be hand knit.

minipurl said...

Tell me more about this Shake yummy and what a clever website. You always find the most wonderful, yummy places. The scarf's nice too.

stringplay said...

That is a nice looking scarf, but why am I suddenly craving fries??
After checking the shakes-mosphere, it does seem pretty cold up there.