Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Year, Another Tree

Last year, since our elevator was being repaired, we didn't have a Christmas tree. Instead we brought home a rosemary bush and called it our Christmas tree.

This year, though, hubster and I pulled out our red SUV (Sidewalk Utility Vehicle) and off to Zingone's we went for our tree.

Then walked home

and into the working elevator

and found a spot in this teeny-tiny cluttered apartment.

YAY! Lights and decorations tomorrow!


Mimi said...

Love your city scenes.

stringplay said...

Hooray for Christmas trees, Zingones, Sidewalk Utility Vehicles, and working elevators! Let the season begin.

stringplay said...

I just looked back at the link, Z for Zingone, and I don't think Mr. Zingone has aged a bit! And that was 2009! Wow.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful tree. I bet your apartment smells wonderful!

Jolene said...

Great tree! Hope you'll post some decorated shots when you're ready!