Saturday, October 25, 2008

U is for

looking up at urban sights.

New York is a vertical city. Look up!

The spire is St. Patrick's Cathedral. See the new building going up? I love these contrasts!

This is the tram that goes up over the East River to Roosevelt Island from Manhattan.

A diamond in the sky!

Look up to see a sixty year old sign for a company still in business. Look higher and there's one of our 10,000 water towers.

Buildings come and go in Columbus Circle. This is the newest complex that reaches into and reflects the sky. (If you click the link, these buildings are on the left side of the 1907 photo.)


Devorah said...

I was riding through Columbus Circle after dark the other day and wished I had my camera to capture all the contrasts. It is really an interesting locale these days.

Lynne said...

Nice "U" ! I have some serious catching up to do if I am going to make it to "U".

Great photos. My favorite is the very first one. Love all the different angles and layers of buildings. And how very different the Circle looks in 1907!!

StringPlay said...

Oh, I always enjoy a pictorial visit around NYC and seeing things I usually see only in the movies. Enjoyed the links as well.

Chris, Germany said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the amazing shots. Whenever I am in NY I get a stiff neck from looking up all day.
Nice yarns from Rhinebeck. And the Melody shawl looks very promising.
Chris, Germany

Annie said...

I don't think my neck would ever recover if I ever visited NYC.