Sunday, October 5, 2008

T is for. . .

I'm an old fuddy-duddy, so something pretty special had to catch my eye in the window of Urban Outfitters in order for me to walk in there.

Loud, you-call-that-music? assaulted my ears as I entered the store. Didn't see what I was looking for. But, grabbed one of the teen salesclerks who told me, "They're um like over by the um you know sunglasses kind of under the stairs sort a kind of near the men's stuff."

Um. . . no, I don't know. But, she pointed me in the right direction and I found

Bags that are terrific knitting TOTES!

Aren't they great? They're made of a heavy tapestry. The one on the left has several pockets inside and out. Perfect for organizing the project, notions, pattern etc. And I swear my Mom used to carry a knitting tote that looked like the one on the right.

As I was paying for them, I put on my best old fuddy-duddy voice and remarked to the cashier (Not a teen--but still quite young) what great knitting totes the bags would be. Turns out she's also a knitter and had been meaning to buy herself a couple of them also.

Sadly, these bags aren't available on the Urban Outfitters website. So remember, they're um like over by the um you know sunglasses kind of under the stairs sort a kind of near the men's stuff.


zippiknits said...

Well, those are lovely bags, M. And yes, the one on the right is like the older totes that grandma had, too. One of my twin dds found one in a thrift shop in the town she lives in. She was one happy little camper. Grats on yours!

Bubblesknits said...

I'm with you on how loud the music is in there. Ugh!!! I've only been in there once and I don't see how the sales clerks aren't deaf after a week.

StringPlay said...

Lovely bags, and you *KNOW* how I love bags!! I'll have to tell Kelly to keep her eyes open at her Urban Outfitters. Who doesn't 'need' another bag?

Anonymous said...

In college, UO was "our" place to shop in Philly, a secret not to be shared beyond my immediate circle of pals. Then they spread, and I was glad to have one around when I moved north. One day about 10 years ago I went in to shop and realized "I do not belong here anymore!" Since then I've only been in there twice, to buy gifts for high-schoolers. Your post may like totally inspire me to like go and um, you know, check out these bags.