Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nothing Much

I don't have much to show around here--

Since it's gonna be a while till I have a FO to show, you're just going to have to bear with the North Sea Shawl creeping along:

I really love the boring repetition of this pattern. Perfect for American Idol watching.

It's also going to be a while till I have some snow photos to show--maybe not until next year. This winter has been so dreary and snow-free. An upstate gal like me likes a blizzard or two. And this is about all the snow we've had in NYC this year so far:

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying all the blog recommendations from the blogiversary contest. Here's a few:

K.Anne recommended bubblesknits (Stop over and say "hi"-she's got a case of the winter blahs). And Bubbleknits recommended Cass.

All three blogs are terrific and have been added to my new love bloglines. How did I not know about this before?


Dove Knits said...

Wow...wanna switch? We've been getting hit with about a foot of snow a week in Chicago.

I love the color you chose for the shawl. It looks like a beach on a chilly late-spring morning.

StringPlay said...

You 'creep' and I 'crawl' along. Oh well, we'll have shawls ONE day and enjoy the journey in the meantime. Such beautiful yarn and pattern combo.

sherriknits said...

Mary, love the shawl! Love it. And yes, I enjoy having American Idol type knitting, too. Am working on a project that keeps getting frogged so I can't show it. Thanks for such an original idea on visiting new blogs!

wow, I should have told you about bloglines....saves lots of time!