Friday, February 22, 2008


It's not the blizzard I wanted, but we finally have some snow around here.

The snow shows off the black ironwork of many of the buildings

The Sheep Shop Maine Morning Mitts were put to use today.

By tomorrow, everything will be gray slush

But, for now, I'm enjoying how magical everything looks!

Even the garbage looks good!


Devorah said...

Amazing how snow can even make garbage look pretty. ;-) Thanks for the tour -- I never actually left the building today.

Jane said...

It was pretty out my way, too, but it's raining now. I wish I had been able to go outside and play!

margaret in manhattan said...

boy, do you take great pix, or what?
I didn't leave the house either ... maybe tomorrow .

StringPlay said...

Oh, Mary. I hopped over hoping to find pictures. I love these shots; the buildings, the stoops, the iron railings - all so wonderful. ENJOY your snow.

sherriknits said...

I think these are my favorite pictures I have seen on your blog. Thanks so much for sharing! The very first time i visited here, you showed your street and that's why I came back again. I'm glad I found you!

Amanda said...

Wow! That's some weather you've had there. We haven't had s single snowflake this winter.

Windyridge said...

C'mon up here if you want snow. Altho today a lot of it melted. More due tomorrow and ice as well.