Sunday, July 13, 2008


So in my last post, I whined about how I can't knit and read at the same time.

Then the brilliant Devorah commented, "There are always audiobooks..."

Imagine head-thwack sound!

OF COURSE! I even have three audiobooks on my ipod! I'd totally forgotten how much I enjoy knitting while listening to an audiobook.

Watching TV, I'm easily distracted by the screen. Gotta see what's going on. Must pay attention to the Yankees at bat. Plus I have to keep an eye on my knitting. More often than not, the knitting gets set aside.

Just listening to music while knitting tends to make me daydream and sleepy. And before I know it, I'm frogging.

But with an audiobook, I'm immersed in and attentive to the story AND I can watch the knitting.

Problem solved! Chapters and knitting flow.


sherriknits said...

what's weird is, I wrote you a long comment on the last one, but it seems I did not actually post it. lol
I do audiobooks and love them, I also love old time radio shows, they are so entertaining while knitting or trying to fall asleep.
As for knitting and reading a book, choose one that lays flat (duh) and just practice. It has paid off for me to train myself to knit that way... you never know when you might need that skill. LOL Actually, after reading Elizabeth Zimmermann knitting in the car, I really worked hard on learning to myself and it's paid off when we've been stuck in traffic (last year after stitch n pitch!)
So glad you got your bag!

margaret in manhattan said...

so - um - what three books are on YOUR MP3?

StringPlay said...

Sometimes it takes a friend/fellow blogger to point out the obvious and overlooked. Don't forget the podcasts, too!

P.S. What bag?

Devorah said...

So ... what are you listening to?

zippiknits said...

You've encouraged me to look into ebooks. The shawl is so beautiful and aptly named as well. Sea chop, way out. :)