Sunday, September 7, 2008


Sunday in the Park

with Scarf


margaret said...

hmmm - I seem to remember that we did something quite like this just about a year ago, n'est-ce pas?

anyway, I'm happy to see your scarf looking bee-u-ti-ful on the bench!

StringPlay said...

Looks like a PERFECT place to combine KIP with people watching. This may be my favorite project of yours. I love this yarn and I'm not even normally (normally???) a blue person.

Anne K. said...

The scarf is luscious! I NEVER have the patience to do lovely cables like that on a scarf - hats off to you! (well, scarves off, too!) - :-)

windyridge said...

I like it!

Hey there's always time to switch over to the Mets. LOL