Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Haunted Yarn Shop

The plan for the Lacy Baktus was that I had two skeins of orange Koigu. One skein for the half that increases; the second skein for the decrease half.

Easy peasy. No math involved.

However, I finished the one skein and looked at the half. Hmmm. . . a bit skimpy. I imagined how it would fit around my neck. Hmmm. . . doable but snug.

I looked at Blue Peninsula's photo of her Lacy Baktus. Nice and full. Able to tie in front. That's what I wanted!

One problem, though, I didn't have an extra skein of orange koigu. Since I bought the yarn during the summer at Knitty City, I figured the chances were slim that there would be more in that color.

But I found myself facing the wall of Koigu at Knitty City today.

This photo is from last week. You'll be hearing about that person in the picture in another post--just ignore her for now and look over her shoulder at all that Koigu. (Click on the photo to make bigger.)

Do you see any solid orange there? Nope, me either. But I plunged my hand in. Right into the middle of all that variegated yarn on the top shelf and grabbed hold of an unseen skein of yarn.

I pulled it out and it was my orange! People in the shop turned and stared at me when I gasped in surprise!

What were the chances of--sight unseen--pulling out the yarn I was looking for?

Before the goblins and spirits that are out and about this time of year could grab the skein back to the other side, I ran home with the yarn -- weighed and divided it and made it ready to knit with.


minipurl said...

I love it!
The story and the yarn.
The game tonite's not so bad either. :)

Anonymous said...

Great story! Congrats on finding the yarn to finish your project.

stringplay said...

The Force was with you. Great story. And this just may be my most favorite project of yours yet. Somehow that warm, dark orange just gladdens my heart every time I see it. Glad you'll have enough now to make it bigger.

Susan said...

Lucky you! That never happens to me.