Thursday, March 10, 2011

Me vs The Yarn

Remember this?

Still looks like that.

Remember this scarf? Wollmeise. 22.5 Degrees Scarf.

The Wollmeise wasn't happy. It tangled. Stitches jumped off the needles. Stitches dropped and tangled. The yarn won.

Just the yarn's way of asking to be frogged. It's now interviewing other patterns.


vi said...

i had that with some spirit trail sunna
it was supposed to be socks
no way in hell that yarn wanted to be socks
it took a year and 4 reknits/frogs to finally give in and make it a was then happy and went like a breeze

rho said...

Yarn knows what it DOESN'T want to be for sure..

margaret in manhattan said...

welcome back!

Jackie said...

I love it that the yarn is "interviewing other patterns." Too funny!

Pat said...

Mary, I've made the Hitchhiker scarf once and am working on #2 now (at the same time I work on Metro Cardigan #3). Hitchhiker is a great pattern...I used it with the Blue Moon Socks that Rock yarn in my KR goodie bag.

I'm envious of your trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show...hope you took a few extra deep inhalations of that marvelously perfumed air.


P.S. I found a new hair dresser!

Marie said...

"interviewing" other patterns -- what a perfect description for yarn's struggle to find itself, a woolen! lol