Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome, Autumn!


Apples, pumpkin pies and Concord grapes.
Leaves--gold, red and yellow.
Shorter days, longer nights.
Wool sweaters and handknit socks.
Pot roast, chili, Brussels sprouts.
Rhinebeck-- third weekend in October.
Candy corn and apple cider.

Those are some of my favorite Fall things. What do you like about this season?


Sherri said...

I'm not as poetic as you but I like the leaves, the crisp air, the woolies coming back out, apples, just to name a few.

stringplay said...

I came to a screeching halt when I got to Brussels sprouts!
: ). Fall, a real one with cool weather and even a nip in the air is my favorite season. I love, especially, all the fall colors. And flannel. I LOVE flannel.

stringplay said...

Oh, and p.s., I love the photo of the pumpkins.

Jackie said...

Autumn here is very different. Not so much with the colorful leaves and sweaters. Cooler temperatures should be on the way soon - though not enough to open windows for a while. I love a sunny day where the temperature is brisk and I don't have to work!

Mimi said...

My favorite is the cooler weather---if it ever comes this year. In the mountains for the weekend and it's been hot and humid so far.

Second favorite thing is the changing leaf color.

zippiknits said...

Well, I do like to go look at the golden leaves on the ground in the mountains.

There is no cool weather but we do have people in the neighborhood who are suffering from Red Flannel Fever. hehe

minipurl said...

Wonderful picture:)
And Rhinebeck is coming !!