Monday, January 9, 2012

The Cowl Extrapolation

Though it's been unseasonably warm here in NYC, I'm expecting that soon it'll go from 60 to 0 in one day. I need to be ready.

I have a ton of scarves--handknit and not. However, thinking of bitter winds and ice pellets smacking my face, I had another scarf in mind. Something more cowl-like than scarf. But not a loose, gaping cowl that would allow the wind and snow to zoom and trickle down my neck.

Another type of cowl. A cowl that fits tight at the neck and that will cover about five or six inches of my chest and back. Some might call it a dickie. But I prefer to call it a Wolowitz Thermal Transfer Device aka Howard's Cowl.

Over the weekend, I knit the stitches over four needles so I could try it on. It's perfect! Snug at the neck--but, not so snug that I feel I have a boa constrictor around my neck.

I tried it on with a coat and the dic. . . uh. . . cowl is almost the right length.

Come on, Winter, show your stuff. I'm ready for ya!


Mimi said...

A Wolowitz Thermal Transfer Device! Perfect!!!

stringplay said...

Your TTD looks great and fit is perfect. All those people with loose cowls will be wishing they had one. You'll be warm and cozy.

Hester from Atlanta said...

Too Funny - I made a cowl aka WTTD for myself that covers the sides of my face and my chin. Very deluxe - I made a more traditional cowl, just one that was only about 40 inches long and 7 inches wide. When it is really cold, I twist it around my head and neck and then I wear it with a regular stocking cap underneath. Keeps that pesky cold, wind and rain away from my face and neck!

minipurl said...

Oh, how I love this post :)
Howard W. Is such an inspiration to us all.
And your cowl is a cozy work of warmth.