Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something Different

Real, live knitting!

However, the project isn't a new one. It's the Pilates socks I cast on. . . . um. . . 18 months ago. It doesn't seem that long ago!

 Sometime in the past year and a half, I switched from the Blackthorn needles to the Hiya Hiya 9" circular. I do like this needle--the trick to using it is that it has to be held in not-the-usual way.

 The Pilates sock was a good project to work on during knit night on such a hot evening. And once I got into the rhythm of working with such a teeny tiny needle, sped right along.

 This project is going into my purse--I've forgotten how portable a sock can be.

 Happy Summmer, everybody! Any special summer projects?


stringplay said...

I could hardly look at the sock for looking at the cold drinks. Whew, summer is definitely here. Looks like you are almost finished and the yarn colors look so cheerful. Looks like there were some other busy hands in the background, too. So much more fun to knit with others.

Sherri said...

Wow, last time I asked you about the 9" needle, you had forgotten the rhythm thing. I never did get it. I'd love to see a pic of you holding it!

I have really been missing you!!!

zippiknits said...

Aren't socks wonderful little things? Congrats on picking up your sock again, and in the summertime - it's been too hot here for knitting!

I'm going to knit some tiny socks for some sock monkeys that Bee and I made for her cousins when we visited up north this summer.

auntiemichal said...

I, too, and interested in knowing how you hold the 9" circular for easier knitting. I have one of these needles but find they're too short (duh) to hold comfortably. Thanks!!!