Saturday, November 16, 2013

Knitters Review Retreat 2013

My 7th Knitters Review Retreat! Back in Canandaigua for the third year.

Gorgeous place! It was a bit chilly, so nobody was sitting outside this year. But we did plenty of indoor sitting and knitting and we even had a glass of wine or three.

 A shot of the winder and swift in one of the few times it wasn't being used:

Plenty of photos were taken--some were even taking photos of people taking photos!

Clara rang the bell to get us all assembled for the group shot on a very chilly Saturday morning:

Yes, it was that shivering kind of chilly:

But we all smiled and said, "cashmere" for the camera:

Saturday evening, we had a fashion show of all the great things made from the Great White Bale:

Other items attendees were wearing and knitting:

Sunday morning, Queen Bee Clara sent us off into the world with our New Beginnings projects and to spread the good news that yarn brings.

And I came home with yarn, inspiration and very happy memories.  Hoping for more of the same next year!

Many thanks to Clara and everyone involved in making this magical event happen!


Terri D. said...


Patshere said...

Excellent photos, Mary, and what wonderful memories!

Mimi said...

This post? Next best thing to being there! Looks wonderful.

Lisa said...

Lovely pictures and memories! It's as if I'm there again!

stringplay said...

Everyone smiling. It is clear to see what a great time it was and how much you all enjoy it. How inspiring to see so many knitted designs all together and to have the time to relax and discuss knitting with other folks equally enthusiastic.

Anya said...

I loved your blog, Mary. I felt right back in the thick of it all...if only! It was rainy here this weekend, so I spent the whole day in my Nest surrounded by yarn, knitting and planning more projects with my new Stash treasures. Ahh...two weekends in a row surrounded by wool...doesn't get much better!!

Vicki said...

As cold as I was, I was still able to admire Wendy's shawlette. And I am glad you got a great picture of Terri's beautiful wrap.