Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015--The Year of Stripes?

Um. . . yeah. . . I know.  Nothing posted for 2014. I don't want to get into excuses or explanations. Suffice to say I was lazy, busy, pre-occupied and found it easier to post things to  Facebook.

BUT now this blog is back! Plunging right in--

Started this scarf last week. I had picked up this sock yarn at the Knitters Review Retreat's stash lounge. Some may call it "clown vomit"-- but I saw some potential to it.

The days are so drab this time of year and I was craving color! Photo taken from a train window. Colorless and blah!

Ahhhh. . . much better. Colorful--but, not eyeball searing.

I'm knitting a very, very simple garter stitch crescent shape scarf. I had first started a baktus scarf--but the yarn was not happy. After knitting a few rows, I'd make a silly mistake and have to frog it. Or, several times, the stitches jumped off the needles without any provocation. But the last sign of unhappiness was a knot in the yarn--a big knot. Yarn like this doesn't have knots--it's always very smooth without any surprises. So, I read the knot as a stop sign.

The colors are doing the work--not me. So far, I like it. And the yarn seems to like it also. But I'm concerned that, at some point, it will turn muddy. Till then, this is a great travel, sitting on a bus, waiting in the dentist office, binge watching TV series sort of project.

Meanwhile, I have these beauties waiting for me:

Look at that raspberry color--wheeeeeee! This yarn will definitely turn into a striped or color-block shawl. But which one? I keep perusing Ravelry and have been marking many patterns as favorites. There's just too many to choose from! But, one of these days, the yarn and I will have a heart-to-heart and it will tell me what it wants to be.

Wishing everybody a happy, healthy and yarny new year!


minipurl said...

Beautiful and such fun!
Happy new year, Mary :)

Mimi said...

Glad you're back. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year!