Saturday, January 24, 2015

Uh, oh. . .

I don't need another hobby--I really don't! Especially a hobby that involves fiber! Even if I tell myself, "I'll only use yarn from the stash." Yeah, right. . . . 

Vogue Knitting Live

Last Saturday--an all-day wonderful class

Deborah Jarchow--fabulous weaver and patient, knowledgeable weaving teacher

The rigid heddle Cricket loom and stash yarn. The scarf has wonky edges and rows--I have a lot more to learn and practice!

I bought a Cricket loom several years ago and took a three-hour class somewhere. I loved the process--but, afterwards, I didn't have a clue how to set up the loom.  At the Knitters Review Retreat last fall, a woman was wearing the most beautiful woven scarf and she encouraged me to take the class at VKL. Thanks, Pam!

What's next?
I've bought a couple of weaving classes on Craftsy and am scouting this teeny tiny apartment for a place where I can set up the loom. And I'm thinking of yarns in my stash that I can use. . . but, NO, NO, NO! No new hobbies.


margaret in manhattan said...

that was the first thing I thought when I saw your first photo! Good luck in your new hobby (cough cough cough ;-D)

Bullwinkle said...

! Why not? It is a new tool (and a smallish one at that); not a new stash ;)

Pam B said...

Being the said Pam above I'm so happy to have inspired you in your new fiber adventure. And while weaving is a great stashbuster, there are lots of yarns you will want to use for weaving that you might never want to knit with. I am very happy to have inspired you with your new obsession - um, I mean hobby! :-)

Anonymous said...

Pretty colors; stashbusting is wonderful, no?

Elaine in NYC