Thursday, March 13, 2008

E is for


I'm a shameless eavesdropper!

Just walking around NYC or sitting in a coffeeshop provides snippets of conversations from which volumes could be written:

Young guy wearing a suit on his cell in midtown Manhattan:
"Um. . . . yeah. . . so I'm gonna be arrested for extortion."

A pre-school group waiting on the corner at Columbus Circle:
One 4 year old: "There's no horsies here. Just dogs."
Other 4 year old: "Horses. Not horsies."

Two chic women on the Upper East Side
"So, he was at your wedding?"
"Oh yes. I've known him forever."
"Did he like hookers then?"

In Starbucks. Two 20-something year old males:
"He's very friendly."
"Yeah, he's too friendly."
"Dude, how friendly is too friendly?"

In Starbucks. Two teens--male and female.
From the conversation, I gathered the girl was turning 16 and she was telling the boy about the birthday plans. My ears picked up when I heard her say:
"Then we're going to my Mom's apartment."
"That's like for everybody, right?"
"Yeah, so come over around 11:00"
"Stacey said you're gonna have Moet?"
"Yeah, my Mom ordered a case of it."

Woman and dog on an Upper West Side street. The dog was dragging a tree branch that had to be 10 feet long!
"Bingy, I'm tellin' ya this now--you're not bringing that home with you."
Bingy looked up at her and continued to drag, drag, drag the branch.
"Bingy, this is a warning. It's staying outside."
Look up. Drag, drag, drag
"Bingy, I mean it. You can't bring that home."
Look up. Drag, drag, drag all the way down the block.

All of the above were overheard within the past two days. In the comments, feel free to provide an imagined next line to any of them.

Whew! I just made it within the ABC Along 2008 time frame for E.


Kim said...

That's a great E. :)

And oh boy, do I have a Web site for you:

I love this site. You can eavesdrop on other people's eavesdropped conversations!

sherriknits said...

Ahhhh you sound like me, I always pick up these kinds of tidbits.

I can't wait to hear the 'next lines'. I'm not clever enough tonight to come up with anything myself.

StringPlay said...

"Bingy, there's no way that's going to fit in the elevator."

These are priceless! What a great E for ABC along.

Bubblesknits said...

That's great! LOL

Devorah said...

So Dude, what jail do you think they'll send you to?

Anonymous said...

I love it! Everytime hubby and I go out for dinner I get to hear the story of how the giraffe got the long neck, 'cause I'm all stretched up and trying to hear what's going on in the next booth. ;)

Windyridge said...

Holy smokes, a case of Moet?

Vicki Knitorious said...

My mother gave me the nickname "elephant ears" a l-o-n-g time ago... I can relate!!!

TheBlackSheep said...

Too funny! No wonder people like life in New York so much.

I can just see the woman telling Bingy that OK, he can have it in the stairwell, but not in the apartment, OK, in the hall then, but not in the living room...Bingy's already won.

Dove Knits said...

I love these! Thank you! The dog one is my favorite.

The best one I've ever overheard was walking past the deli of my college campus. An unidentified female said, "See, to me, Dasani just tastes like water."