Thursday, April 10, 2008

G is for. . . .

GIFT from a GERMAN visitor.

How cute is this little sock?

This week, at our knitting group, a knitter who was visiting from Germany, joined us. C. found us via the internet.

Being knitters, we chatted of knitterly things. Who taught us and how long ago did we learn. We compared yarn and cast-ons and talked of yarn shops. We admired projects and we look forward to C.'s ruffled sock pattern being available.

We learned that a 32 inch cable might be perfect for the magic loop technique. We drank coffee and water and pulled the chairs closer together as the coffee shop got crowded.

So many different people--but, so much to talk about!

When she left, C. pulled out a little bag and asked us all to choose one. C. said that maybe we'd remember her each time we looked at the little sock.

A tiny sock--but a gigantic gesture!


sherriknits said...

That is so cute. I love that you have this close group in that big city!

Anonymous said...

That was so nice of her! :-)

StringPlay said...

What fun! Great post for 'G'. Needlework is the universal language.

Chris said...

Hi Mary,

How nice of you to spot my sock ;-). I am back in the office again and miss my time in NY. I would have liked to stay longer with you than just the short time at Starbucks, and in hindsight I even could have.... my friend who was due to pick me up showed up more than an hour late due to a flat tyre. What a waste of wonderful sharing and knitting time. But I hope to be able to meet you again next time.
Have fun knitting and say high the the group. The "girls" are great.