Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've Been Working on the Railroad

This song has been going through my head for the past few days--only with different words:

I've been knitting on the railroad
All the live-long day.
I've been knitting on the railroad
Just to pass the time away.

Don't you hear the whistle blowing,
Rise up so early in the morn;
Don't you hear the captain shouting,
"Mary, knit your shawl!"

I'll be spending a long weekend in Boston. The Marathon. My niece is running. It's her 4th. I'm getting there via Amtrak and have the shawl packed and ready to go.

Run. Run. Run. Knit. Knit. Knit.


sherriknits said...

Now if you started running, you could run and knit...and have a shawl to show for it! I hope your weather is nicer than ours, we are supposed to get some snow.

StringPlay said...

I can hear that lonesome whistle blow..... (I accidentally typed blog first!). Have a great trip.