Monday, November 24, 2008

Cold Outside? Who Cares?

It was cold, cold, cold in Williamstown, MA this past weekend for the Knitters Review Retreat. It even snowed!

But, who cares about the cold when you have a handknit sweater to wear?

Or a nice comfy shawl to wrap around yourself.

And then there's the person who wrapped herself and her knitting around a cosmo (BTW, it was two of the best cosmos I've ever had!)

I had such a wonderful time! Knitting, chatting, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, putting faces to KR names, gawking at all the gorgeous knits, taking notes for future projects, fondling yarn.

Many thanks to Queen Clara.


stringplay said...

Well it IS just as important to be warm on the *inside*, too! Ummm.....yarn, sweaters, shawls, friends AND everyone looks comfortable. IF I ever get to go, I think me and my Keds will fit right in!

rho said...

thanks for the pics

Bubblesknits said...

I'd be one of the ones wrapped around a cosmo, too. lol Looks like you had a great time!