Friday, November 7, 2008

V is for


So many of you post pictures of your gorgeous gardens. I live in an apartment. Up high. In a city. No digging in soil for me. But I do love beautiful flowers and almost always have them around the place.

Over the years, I've amassed quite a collection. The photo above shows only a small portion.

The vases are more than practical containers for me. Each also tells a story.

The chrome Chase vase on the left. Bought thirty years ago for $20. It took me forever to decide to buy it since that was a huge hunk of money for me then.

The amethyst vast was a gift from a long-time friend. Our best times and worst moments--we've been through them all together.

The large Waterford in the back. A wedding gift from former co-workers. We were married two months after 9/11 and that kind act brought happiness during a time of incomprehensible horror.

The large vase with flowers and the little pink one in front. They had been my dear mother-in-law's. She grew the most splendid flowers and she lived a loving and gracious life. When I use one of her vases, I know she's near.

My parents grew red roses and my Mom's bud vase is up there. The house, my parents, the roses are long-gone. But when I put a rose in the vase, I'm a kid in Albany again.

More than flowers fill those vases.


sherri said...

This is what I love about blogging and reading get a little glimpse into another person's life. This was one of those kinds of posts...I love that you see beyond the container.

StringPlay said...

Mary, I think this is my favorite of the alphabet posts. I love the collection and the special meanings behind each vase. Isn't it wonderful how sometimes it a little and simple thing that brings us the most pleasure. Great post!

Lynne said...

What a lovely post! Sherri already said it all for me. Just lovely!