Sunday, March 8, 2009

E is for

having an egg cream at Eisenberg's.

Not many of these places left in NYC--

The little hole-in-the wall lunch counter. Eisenberg's has been around for eighty years. Walk inside and you're hit with the kitschy decor. But this isn't manufactured kitsch--this is the real thing.

You want an organic arugula and mozzarella panini-- substitute pesto for the honey mustard? Well, you won't get it at Eisenberg's.

But if you want a lox and onion omelet, a tuna salad, a pastrami on rye, a grilled cheese with tomato or some sour pickles--then go take a seat on a squeaky swivel stool at Eisenberg's.

And to drink? You can have coffee or a Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Tonic. But make sure to top the meal off with an egg cream!

With the disappearance of lunch counters and candy store soda fountains, the authentic chocolate egg cream is another relic from the past.

What's an egg cream? The name doesn't give it away since it contains neither eggs nor cream.

Fox's U Bet Chocolate Syrup, a splash of cold whole milk and seltzer from a soda fountain spigot or from a siphon bottle. (Not Hershey's Syrup, not Canadian Dry bottled seltzer, not skim milk.)

Stir it all together. Chocolate and foam! Heaven in a glass!

It's not to be sipped slowly--gulp it down!


New Yorkers are passionate about their egg creams! Native New Yorker Lou Reed even sang about them:


stringplay said...

Well! So that's an egg cream! When you describe it that way it is not only positively appetizing but downright magical. Who knew?

I'm LOVING this alphabetical education.

Susan said...

Oh I haven't had a real egg cream in years!, I used to love them.

sherriknits said...

That was so much fun. I will try to remember this if I ever make it back there. I love finding places out of the past like this.

rho said...

now you did it - I am craving an egg cream ;0

minipurl said...

I'm sensing a definite slant towards food with this alphabet. Egg creams are on my list now that I know they're not full of eggs.

Windyridge said...

Ha! My mom introduced eggcreams to Horseheads NY. said...

Horseheads, NY? What a blast from the past. Ever go to Lodge on the Green? That was always THE place to go back then. My husband and I almost settled in Horseheads in the 70s after he student-taught (Biology) there. We even picked out a mountain-top that we would build our house on and went to St. Matthew's Episcopal Church....then he got a job in Maryland. Poof!
Minipurl aka

Kim said...

I haven't had an egg cream in so many years. They make me think of my grandmother, who used to make them for me as a kid. Thanks for the happy reminiscence! Now I need to find a jar of Fox's U-Bet.

p2sso said...

I'll take two to go!