Friday, May 29, 2009

In the Bag

One of my rites of summer is the quest for the perfect summer bag. It usually takes me till late July to find a somewhat suitable bag. The perfect one is out there--but I've never found it.

One summer, I saw a woman carrying an orange bag. It was perfect! The color was just right. The size was just right. There were plenty of pockets. I stopped her and asked where she'd gotten the bag. She gave me a sad smile and told me she had bought it at a sample sale the previous year. It had been the only one in the showroom and it was her understanding the only one made. She agreed that it was perfect. And, no, she wouldn't sell it to me.

And so the search continued. I knew the perfect bag was out there and that someday I would find it.

I think I finally might have found it.

My checklist:
Must be light to carry. Yes! The fabric is a waterproof vinyl.
Shoulder bag. Yes! And the straps are neither too long nor too short.
Must have plenty of pockets. Yes! There's just enough for my stuff.
Must not be black. Yes! Every bag I own is black. I want something different for summer.
Right size. Yes! It's roomy without being bulky.
Must be tailored looking. Yes! I don't like the hobo bag look.

A couple of more views:

I hate schlepping both a purse and tote, so everything has to fit into my handbag.

In the front pockets: cell phone in one; camera in the other.
My metrocard is in the back pocket.
One side pocket holds a Purell bottle; the other is for a water bottle.
Inside, there's a zippered compartment for my wallet. And there's enough room in the main section for the Kindle, my date book, a knitting project, make up bag, small notebook and pen.

That's all my necessities to get through the day.

The other afternoon, I was walking along Madison Avenue and a woman stopped me. She wanted to know where my bag was from because she thought it looked, "just perfect."

Yes, it is!

Except. . . well, except I wish it came in beige with red trim.

(For those interested, it's a the small cargo bag from Delfino.)


Susan said...

Oh I like the green, very spring-y.

stringplay said...

Happiness is a new summer purse. I've been thinking of one myself. It will probably remain in the 'think' stage, but I love yours.

Minipurl said...

Ooh... Very nice!

Bubblesknits said...

Preeetty! I may have to check that out. :-)

Darci said...

Just cam over from MDK and click through to the wonderful purse. Love something to obsess over.