Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Notion about Notions

I received the prettiest cosmetic bag as a gift (medium pouch/Mumbai Buff). And since knitters see knitterly implications in everything--I saw this might make a good notions bag.

Over the years I've used different bags and tins and nothing seemed quite right. Too small, too big, too flimsy, too bulky. I've never had one notions bag that I could grab and go and be assured that I was prepared for every knitting scenario.

I've now been using this bag for about six weeks and it's perfect!

My necessary notions: Starting from the bottom center: stitch markers, stitch holders, cheat sheet for M1L and M1R (I never remember!), hand lotion, small scissors (These were my Mom's.), a bag with rubber bands, paper clips and small coil-less pins, cable needles, nail file, pen, stitch counter, tape measure, crochet hook, post-its and Chibi darning needles.

And here's all the stuff inside. Neat and tidy!

Do you carry a notions bag? What works for you and what are your necessary notions?


zippiknits said...

Yes, I carry little bags like this. Yours is more elegant. :o)

Mine contain pretty much what yours does, though the scissors are really those tiny Swiss knives with scissors in them.

I have three because, it helps my tired brain. One is for the sock tote, one each for the two sweater totes. I like a grab and run. 40% off at M and Jo's have populated these handy things.

Happy knitting!

Mimi said...

Yep, don't want to be without my notions bag. I have a clear plastic cosmetic bag that looks to be about the same size as yours. I like being able to see in it as I search. But yours is so pretty that I might need to rethink my clear plastic pouch.

Bullwinkle said...

;) I prefer to just drop everything into a larger bag, let it drift to the bottom and then have to rummage to find anything ... if I even remember its in there.

It is not for lack of organizing materials that this occurs - it is too many UFOs.

stringplay said...

I *love* the bag! Repeating pattern!! And the cheat sheet for M1R and M1L is genius. Genius. Must make one for myself. I mostly use a small tin and toss it into whatever project bag I'm currently using.

NutmegOwl said...

I have a Namaste Buddy case gifted to me by Luann that has my absolute necessities: a gauge tool/needle sizer, scissors, needle, yarn scraps and lots of markers.

If you teach yourself to cable without a cable needle, you can remove those from your toolkit ;)