Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a Day!

Even though this winter was mild, today was a much-needed not-quite Spring day.

A perfect day to walk around in the Union Square area and take some photos.

Was it warm enough to eat outside in shirtsleeves? Not really. But this guy thought it was.

Look at that blue, blue sky!!! The Empire State Building looks pretty nice, too!

Yeah, it's true. Everything is bigger in NYC--even our rats!

Ghostly Andy Warhol walking towards Union Square. The Andy Monument.

I picked up some mushrooms at the Union Square Greenmarket.

And on the way home, saw daffodils blooming in Central Park.

I hear we're going to have more of the same weather tomorrow. YAY!


Jolene said...

Thanks for the spring stroll!

stringplay said...

It was a beautiful day here, too. I didn't get to spend very much time outside, but when I did the temperature was JUST RIGHT. It is nice to see all your photos, especially the Empire State Building. Enjoy tomorrow.

Mimi said...

Love looking at life in your city. Our nearest city--Greenville--has mice instead of rats. 9 bronze mice tucked here and there along Main St. It's quite a thing to try to find them all.

Here is one:

zippiknits said...

Ah! The daffodils really do mean lovely Spring is on the way. Thank you for all the photos!

Maybe the shirt sleeves guy was visiting from Finland or Iceland. hehe

minipurl said...

Love seeing the city especially on such a pretty day :)