Monday, October 29, 2012

Secret Knitting

Just because I haven't blogged about knitting, doesn't mean my needles have been idle. There's been some secret knitting happening that finally can be revealed!

A shower gift:

That's the Owlie Sleep Sack. Fun to knit! I also made a modified Umbilical Cord Hat that I didn't take a photo of.

 And a Pumpkin Hat for a great-nephew:

Both are cuties!

This is such a sweet hat to knit and gift during this time of year. Check out the hats knit by a blogger buddy.


Mimi said...

Love all of the stealth projects! The sleep sack will be cozy on a cold winter day.

And your great-nephew is adorable! I could introduce him to a beautiful single girl who also likes pumpkin hats. :-) See, they already have something in common.

zippiknits said...

What a little doll! His hat looks so great!

P.S. Good luck in the storm. Yikes!

stringplay said...

The owls really show up well in that second photo. So cute! And you two pumpkin hat knitters are making me smile with the modeled shots. What charmers!

Jolene said...

Haven't seen the Owlie Sleepsack before -- what a great gift and such a perfect little owls. And what a cute pumpkin (and hat!)

Anonymous said...

Knitting for babies looks like so much fun! I love the pumpkin color too.