Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ready For the Blizzards!

Remember way back--when I was knitting the Howard Cowl? I was never in a rush to finish it because it was such a mild winter in the northeast.

I wore my heavy winter coat only a couple of times. Fingerless gloves were enough and I don't think I ever put on my snowboots.

This cowl is meant for blizzards and temperatures that hover around 0. Never happened.

Then Spring appeared and all thoughts of a cold winter were shoved back into the ziploc bag and placed into the bottom of the UFO bag.

Between yesterday's "serious cold" and me finishing a few gift projects, the time was right to finally finish the cowl. There were only a few more stitches and the bind-off left to do.

It felt as if I was binding-off eleven-billion stitches!

It took four and a half innings of the Yankee game -- and it's done!

Fits fine.  Not that I'm wishing for blizzards and freezing temperatures.


Marie said...

That looks so pretty and comforting. Between the chill coming through the northeast and the lo-o-ong ballgames, I'm tackling my UFOs, too. I think I could be productive enough without a blizzard, however.

Mimi said...

I like it. Now. Should I wish that you have a blizzard this winter?

Understand that our definition of a blizzard is a snow that lasts more than a few hours and accumulates more than 5 inches. How 'bout if I wish that you have a southern "blizzard?"

Jolene said...

So lovely! Look positively squishy and warm! Maybe it'll be like carrying an umbrella to keep the rain at bay... ;-)

stringplay said...

Just ran across a photo of yours from a couple of years back. One with high snow banks at the sidewalks. Lovely photo. If that happens this coming winter, you'll be prepared and warm.