Friday, November 23, 2012

Keeping the Feeling

In our Knitters Review Retreat generous goody bag, there were several skeins of yarn. One of them was Classic Elite's Majestic Tweed. (wool, angora, silk, nylon.) 110 yards.

What to make with it?

Fingerless gloves, of course!

I have this fantasy that all my new knitting will be Retreat-related. Yarns will be from the goody bag, stash lounge or yarn purchased there.  Or I'll knit patterns of knitwear I saw. Or I'll use new techniques learned over the weekend.

Maybe this will make all the good feelings from the Retreat last until next year!


stringplay said...

Love the mitts. That yarn sounds yummy. I think your knitting plans/idea is a wonderful way to prolong and enjoy the camaraderie and inspiration of retreat.

Jolene said...

Love the mitts!

Now on to live the retreat vicariously as I catch up on my blogs!