Sunday, November 18, 2012

What We Wore

My favorite blog entry to write and post!  What did the knitters wear at the Knitters Review Retreat?

There were sweaters: This knitter made her terrific-looking sweater from scraps from another project.

Look at all the gorgeous work on this sweater! It's work of art.

This pretty sweater has such interesting textures.

A sweet lacy orange sweater:

I saw at least one vest. Here's a fun colorful one:

There were plenty of knit socks, but I didn't take any photos this year. But I made up for this by taking pictures of the gorgeous shawls and shawlettes. A lacy baktus:

Popular garter stitch stripe shawls:

Delicate lace shawls:

Because of superstorm Sandy, this knitter didn't have electricity for at least a week -- but that didn't stop her! She knit the stockinette section in the dark.

We had designers modeling their work:

The talented new designer Jayme Stahl's Solar Flare:

and Pavone:

The sweet and creative Sivia Harding wearing one of her stunning beaded shawls: )

I don't know who the designer is or what the name of the shawlette is, but it wins the prize for being the most fun to look at:

And, every year, there always one shawl that I just love, love, love. This year it's Dawn from The Fine Line ebook:

Should I even dare to dream about knitting this fabulous shawl one day?

All of the above represent only a teeny bit of the beautiful knits I saw over the weekend. I was constantly gawking. So many talented people in one place!


Mimi said...

And this post is always one of my favorites to read! I must be making progress. I have actually knit a few of these this past year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great photos and ideas. Are you going to knit Dawn for yourself? It is lovely.

stringplay said...

I love being an armchair retreat-er.
What fun to see all the wonderful knitted projects. All so different and interesting. Thanks for posting all the photos.