Thursday, June 7, 2007

Double Heeling

This may or may not be the Dutch (aka Horseshoe) Heel on the Tabloid Socks

I read patterns. I did some Math. Nothing made sense.

My head hurt. The cat barfed. A-Rod hit a grandslam.

I shut my eyes and plunged in.

One heel has more stitches than the other. And it's really not a pretty heel.

But, it's my heel and I'll keep it.


Devorah said...

If it fits on your foot then it is just fine! Only you and your shoes will know. *g*

sonja said...

I agree with Devorah, besides isn't one foot supposedly a tad larger than the other? Watching your "2 on 2" is making it look more appealing. Getting both done at the same time seems so appealing.