Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Knit in Faith

We interrupt all regularly scheduled knitting to bring you something new about to be cast on.

From Last Minute Knitted Gifts, the oh so twee Angora Baby Booties.

The booties are the first pattern in the book and they are supposed to take less than two hours to make. For knitting slowpoke me, maybe I'll finish them in two weeks.

This evening, I was all set to knit these sweet bits of fluff.

Then I read the pattern.

UH OH! What is this?!

Redistribute stitches? Keep two needles parallel?

What the. . . . ?!

Fabric is on the inside of the toe? Rotate the work? Put on point protectors?

Heaven help me!

Fold the heel needles together? Three needle bind off?

What have I gotten myself into?

The first time I knit a sock, an experienced knitter told me that when I turn the heel, the instructions might seem wacky--but just follow them. No thinking. Just follow and knit.

I did. And it worked.

Same thing seems to be true of this pattern.

I went whining to Sonja, a friend who has made these booties. She graciously agreed that the pattern might not make sense at first or second or eleventh read. But to "knit in faith."

OK, OK--I'll trust the pattern. I just don't trust me.

A faith bootie--a practice bootie--will be worked first.


sherriknits said...

Well, if the finished product is as beautiful as the picture, I can only imagine what a wonderful gift this will make!

Jane said...

I'm going to chant that mantra the next time I decide to try something tricky. If it works on baby booties, it will work on anything!

margaret said...

I'm sure that they'll come out just fine - I almost ALWAYS "knit in faith" until I come to something that breaks it ...

sonja said...

Oh, Mary! That is the softest, sweetest color!

Anna-Liza said...

I've knit this pattern a number of times now, and my first reaction to it was rather like yours. However, when you actually have the needles in your hands and you just follow what she says, it's really much, much easier than it sounds!!